The Shomalis have a passion and a heart for the people of their beloved homeland, Palestine. This led them to found Shomali 1995, a wholesaler of religious articles specializing in olive wood creations from Bethlehem. Amal and Joseph have strong roots in the town of Beit-Sahour, also called Shepherd's Field because it is where the angel appeared to the shepherd's at the birth of Christ, located one mile from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

The Shomalis knew olive wood offered a beautiful, rich interior grain and could be fashioned into quality pieces that North Americans would appreciate, in the same token, the Shomalis enabled the Christian families of Beit-Sahour and Bethlehem to remain employed. If you cannot visit the Holy Land, Amal and Joseph can bring a piece of Bethlehem into your home.

Today, Shomali Inc. carries a wide inventory of about 1500 items of devotion which come from Bethlehem, Europe and Canada. The company's product line ranges from rosaries, crosses and crucifixes to prayer cards, bookmarks, keychains, pewter pieces, pendants, a full Christmas line and more.


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